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JANE BARRY, Director: Elite HR and Key Recruitment Ltd

"I have been very fortunate to work with Kathy over the last few years and most recently whilst she was working as Head of HR at YMCA Fairthorne Group with a few key appointments.  Kathy was extremely keen on ensuring that the candidates we submitted were dealt with professionally and quickly, providing very comprehensive feedback following interviews and she dealt with the recruitment process to ensure it was very smooth from start to finish.  As we all know, an interview should always be 50/50 and the interviewee should 'buy into' the Company and the role they have been put forward for.  However, often Companies can pay little attention to the interviewee's experience.  Kathy is the polar opposite!  All of the candidates would have taken the roles in a heartbeat!  Kathy is a very warm, supportive and approachable individual who knows her HR and L&D craft.  An ultimate HR professional, I would have no hesitation in recommending Kathy to any business who needs HR support."
LIBBY ENDEAN          Recruitment Manager at Hyphen and BD Executive at Isle of Wight Jobs
"I have worked with Kathy for several years within different organisations and it has always been a complete joy!  Kathy is someone who cares deeply about the work she does and puts any organisation's growth and wellbeing of staff at the forefront.  Don't just take my word for it; give Kathy a call for any problem small or large and I can assure you she will not disappoint."
Franki's Hair Salon
Isle of Wight
"Kathy was extremely helpful with my business situation and was very good at putting my staff at ease.  She provided me with all the information we needed and was very supportive and knowledgeable when it came to dealing with tough decisions.  I would highly recommend Kathy to any of my fellow business owners and if I need HR help in the future I will definitely use this service again."
Sales and Marketing Director
"I worked very closely with Kathy looking at how a major employer could harness the potential of apprentices to create a talent pipeline into the business.  Her knowledge and insight into the opportunity was extensive and her enthusiasm and passion for the project was refreshing.  She was very focused on the potential whilst keeping a close eye on the return on investment.  I can highly recommend Kathy to potential clients."

Executive MBA and CIPD Level 7

"It has been a pleasure working with you Kathy as your people development skills and experience across so many industries really shows. I wanted to ensure I strengthen my experience of HR to balance my knowledge of business strategy and Kathy has a great way of representing HR in providing true business value whilst appreciating employees from all walks of life. I have enjoyed working with you Kathy, and would strongly recommend your Consultancy HR skill set and will be inspired your strategic thinking for the rest of my career."
Chairman of The Wellbeing and Performance Group that includes The Management Advisory Service (MAS), Organisation Health and The Resilience Training Company.
"I regard Kathy as amongst the most professional of people, who opened my eyes into insights, understanding and actions that professionals in the HR field can do that make a huge difference to organisations and peoples' lives"

Head of Finance & Controlling at Gurit

"I had the pleasure of working with Kathy at GKN Aerospace where she was the HR Business Partner assigned to my Function. Kathy become a trusted business partner and advisor assisting with several key challenges. She could always be relied upon to provide value adding advice both on technical aspects and on wider issues. Kathy always took a collaborative approach to problem solving and was always proactive in working together to solutions rather than just advising from the sidelines."

NLP Trainer, NLP Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Thought Field Therapist

Bramleys Consultancy

"Kathy has energy, empathy and a sense of humour. She works hard to provide the best resolutions for her clients."

Financial Management Consultant

"Kathy is a highly competent HR professional with significant depth and breadth of experience. During our time at the IW NHS Trust I was very impressed with her integrity, initiative and all round professionalism. However what really sets Kathy apart from her peers is her unfailing levels of energy and dedication to ensuring that tasks and projects are seen through to the highest possible standards."

HR Advisor

"Kathy was my HR Leader within a previous start-up and I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside such a passionate and knowledgeable HR colleague.  Kathy works hard to create an inclusive working environment, promoting shared ideas and collaboration with all stakeholders.  Kathy's 'bigger-picture' view and concise communication skills make her a valuable asset to any organisation."
JLT Employee Benefits
"I had the pleasure of getting to know Kathy whilst she was looking to do a bold employee benefits project. Her enthusiasm and clear thinking gave me and the team at Thomsons a very clear steer on what was needed. Kathy's real strength was her ability to clearly link the project and business value, something many businesses would benefit from."
Manufacturing Engineer Manager at GKN Aerospace
"Kathy is an extremely hard working, professional & articulate individual. She consistently drives performance and delivers her targets and goals on time with accuracy and enthusiasm."
Shorelines of Cowes
Isle of Wight
"As a small business owner it's imperative to surround yourself with expert professionals to provide support when needed.  Over the 15 years I've been trading Kathy has given me help and advice with various HR queries including contract formation, disputes and handling redundancies.  Kathy has a comprehensive knowledge of HR Management and her advice was invaluable.  She is fully up to date with current legislation and ensured that I followed a best-practice approach throughout.  I can't recommend KCHR highly enough - it is my first port of call."