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Do you need some help managing your employees?

Whether it is day-to-day operational matters, or strategic planning, I can help you navigate your way forwards.

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Mobile: 07912 946 574

I’m Kathy Chillistone, Director of KCHR Isle of Wight Ltd and my professional background is generalist Human Resources. I started working for myself in 2018 to achieve a healthier work/life balance.

I provide qualified, insured HR support to businesses across the UK remotely and in situ. Specialising in Organisational Development, Engagement and Well Being, I have a reputation for being plain-speaking, adaptable and pragmatic.  

This website highlights the Mental Health courses I instruct, which are open to everyone. If you’re a business owner looking to manage other people matters, I can help with that too, so please contact me (details at the top).