What HR services does KCHR offer?

Not everyone is familiar with the full breadth of the HR remit, beyond the old school perception of hiring and firing, so below follows a summary of examples.  It’s likely your needs don’t fit neatly into one (or several) of these areas, so do please contact me and share your specifics.

If at any time I consider someone in my HR network is better suited to meet your needs, I will refer you to help you find the best-fit solution for you.

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Strategy and Operations

  • Starting with the end in mind, developing long term people plans to ensure you meet your commercial goals.
  • Delivering specific one off projects.
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving.
  • Stepping in to manage a HR role or team, e.g. covering Maternity / Paternity leave, sick leave or a vacancy.
  • Setting up a HR function for a new, growing or changing business.


  • End-to-end recruitment campaign management for an important or sensitive appointment.
  • Development of strategies, working with local employers and training providers, to meet your future succession plans.
  • Project management of high volume seasonal or start-up staff.

New starters

  • Managing interviews and other selection processes, conditional offers, clearances and contracts.
  • Designing and delivering staff induction and orientation programmes.
  • Planning and supporting the management of mutually effective probationary periods.

Continuous improvement

  • Process mapping to refine existing ways of working, saving time and cost and reducing waste and duplication.
  • Development of robust processes and systems, capturing and reporting key HR performance metrics.
  • Policy development – compliance, consistency and plain English template standardisation.
  • Designing employee handbooks and managers’ tool kits.

Employee Relations

  • Supporting the management of investigations, grievances, disciplinaries, appeal and dismissal.
  • Planning and managing change programmes e.g. restructures, redundancy and transformation.
  • Designing and implementing a simple and effective performance development framework (appraisal).
  • Managing unions and employee forum relationships.

Learning and Development

Design and / or delivery of the following, using traditional and non traditional methods:

  • Personal development coaching.
  • Bespoke training needs.
  • Coaching and mentoring programmes.
  • Supervisory, middle and senior management development.
  • Senior leadership team development.

Culture and engagement

  • Steering a high performance culture (Organisational Development).
  • Optimising organisational and individual health and well-being.
  • Promotion of equality and diversity in order to leverage skills and abilities, enhancing business performance.
  • Managing staff satisfaction surveys and facilitating action plans for improvement.
  • Developing flexible pay, reward and recognition schemes and benefits which promote high engagement.

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