After the recent festive period, you might not be leaping about with gusto slapping one another on the back eagerly sharing progress reports on your tightly gripped resolutions with excitement. You’ve got this...

Like many, you don a bright-yet-somewhat-tight outfit, slap on a brave face, take a sharp intake of January air and resentfully step back into your normal routines and habits.  Yep, you've got this...

We all know what it feels like – at this time of year these polarised characteristics are more apparent in yourself and those around you – generally speaking, things seem a bit off balance and out of rhythm. Sometimes you’re positive your brain is ignited with energy and innovation – it is almost audible, and infectious! Other times, it is like wading uphill through treacle in the fog without a compass, with a slug as your sole companion.

Yet you have by now stopped sharing festive stories and wishing clients and colleagues a Happy New Year. You’ve noticed that you are no longer hovering over the ‘8’ and ‘9’ keys when typing the date. You know what day of the week it is - and rather than winging it for this afternoon’s meeting, you’ve prepared thoroughly. You know what’s in your diary for the rest of the week and your plans for the first quarter are starting to take shape.

See, you’ve GOT this!

How you think invariably affects how you feel and behave – this is your choice, and yours alone. You have been programmed in your formative years and since to expect it to be a tough time of year after the glutinous pressures you succumbed to in earlier weeks. The media in their glorious forms are reminding you already it is time for a spring clean (not just politically) and that Easter is around the corner.

Use any analogy you like – whether it is treadmills, lemmings, or hamster wheels – stop blaming all external influences at work or home to justify your procrastination, decisions and emotions.

Take responsibility for the road you travel, who you travel it with and how you will enjoy it along the way.

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